Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello, my name is Remiss.  I have not posted here for weeks.  Now I am trying to edit four sets of pictures and finish up posts from this school year - all by the end of this week.  Wowee....

The last few art lessons of the year all rotated around letters and names.  I had meant to do an ambitious lesson set on the Florida Highwaymen, but did not feel ready to do those artists justice, and kept pushing the lessons back...another...week.  Finally I conceded that the Highwaymen must wait for next year. 

We had fun illuminating letters though, alienating names, and putting words into boxes.

Most of the Sm'Arties have already studied the Middle Ages and seen examples of illuminated letters, but time has gone by, the students are older, their art skills are more developed, and it was a great time to look back a few centuries to the time when every book was a work of art.

I showed the Sm'Arties samples of illuminated letters, gave them squares of cream-colored cardstock, and let them create.

Their themes and interpretations surprised me!

When they were done, I mounted the squares on slightly larger squares of dark leathery-look scrapbook paper for a bit more of a finished look.

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