Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Tie Dye of the Summer

This has turned out to be the Summer of Tie-Dye.  I've tie-dyed with Sm'Arties, family friends, Gymnastics Camp, and now one last Gymnastics Camp. 

It was hot out there.  Again.  I wound up with wrinkled blue fingers.  Again.  But the children LOVED it!  And so do I.

Right after our last Gym camp, when my fingers were still cramping from wringing T-shirts, Earthgirl had a friend over, and she arrived wearing a tie-dyed BANDANA made at another camp.  Bandanas!  Easy rinsing and wringing, and space-saving!  I determined immediately that my next group tie-dye would feature bandanas.  This worked out doubly well, since some of the children from Session 1 returned for Session 2.  Hobby Lobby has nice, big bandanas for $1.  If you have a 40%-off coupon, your first bandana costs only $.60.  Woo woo!

We tie-dyed with 49 children.  Wowee, if we had used all T-shirts, I'd still be rinsing and wringing now!

Tulip's Turquoise was our favorite color.  Almost all the bandanas were dyed blue.

Lesson learned from my first experience using bandanas:  Since they are not as squashy as T-shirts, they should be tied up really tight, or the dye seeps in and none of the lines will be really sharp and white.  The ones in the picture above appear to be solid blue, but they all turned out well. 

Bandanas would also be great used with the spray "tie-dye."  We used this to "tie-dye" T-shirts at Earthgirls 7th birthday party, the 70s party, and it is easy. 

The teens did T-shirts again.  While the younger groups get only 1 dunk (it's all we can do to get the whole group finished as it is), the teens have free rein to get creative and dye all afternoon if they want to.  Of course, they do their own rinsing and wringing. (Rinse and wring, rinse and wring - doesn't that phrase just sing in your head?)  The teens did some purty shirts.

So now the question arises:  Should I tie-dye bandanas with the Sm'Arties?  Maybe in November!