Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Recently I discovered Artist/Illustrator Julia Marshall through a little head- up from Suzy's Sitcom.  Her whimsical cats and dogs are just the thing to capture the attention of our Sm'Arties.  On a recent dreary Tuesday, there was sunshine inside as the Sm'Arties went about imitating Ms. Marshall's style.

I have a kitty, and when she comes in from the rain, her ears look just like that.
We like the way her animals often have simple straight-line legs and tails.

This Sm'Artie started adding guinea pigs to his drawing sheet.

At our next class, I learned one Sm'Artie girl has been trying to draw all 50 Cats!

She's giving them all names.

I like Pound Cake Cat.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Eyes Have it

Meet Lily, the newest Sm'Artie!

Last Sm'Artie day was a rainy rainy day.  Though we had planned to paint guinea pigs on rocks, it seemed a better idea to do something that did not involve adding more wetness to the day.
Earthgirl has worked hard learning to draw eyes, so this week she directed an eye-drawing lesson. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rockin' out some more

This week we painted lizards on rocks.  All these painting on rocks projects do best with practice, but they are fun from the very start.  They all look best when they've had their final coat of clear shiny spray acrylic sealer.

 Next week we are painting animals on rocks, and the group consensus is...guinea pigs!