Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Recently I discovered Artist/Illustrator Julia Marshall through a little head- up from Suzy's Sitcom.  Her whimsical cats and dogs are just the thing to capture the attention of our Sm'Arties.  On a recent dreary Tuesday, there was sunshine inside as the Sm'Arties went about imitating Ms. Marshall's style.

I have a kitty, and when she comes in from the rain, her ears look just like that.
We like the way her animals often have simple straight-line legs and tails.

This Sm'Artie started adding guinea pigs to his drawing sheet.

At our next class, I learned one Sm'Artie girl has been trying to draw all 50 Cats!

She's giving them all names.

I like Pound Cake Cat.


  1. Hi K-Sue,

    Thanks for sharing this - it made my week! I've blogged about your lesson on my own blog now too.
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