Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alienated Names

I am not sure where I first spied this fun lesson.  Maybe it came from Kinderart.  It's so much fun, and the students love the results so much that many art teachers have "alienated" their students :)

How to:  Fold paper in half length-wise.  Using the fold as the bottom line, write your name, your friend's name, or your Alias in GREAT BIG cursive letters in Sharpie or marker. Getting the writing BIG ENOUGH is the hardest part.

The original instructions I read suggested you not add any letter tails (g, y, etc.), but sometimes adding the opposing tails gives some cool results.

Trace the name so that it is mirror image to the first name. If the paper is thin enough and the writing dark enough, you can trace through, but if necessary, you can refold the paper the opposite way, trace name # 2 on the backside, then unfold and trace on the front.  Turn you paper upright and...ta-da!  An alien appears.

Trace him/her in Sharpie or dark marker, find his features, and embellish and color away!  Scare you friends!  Or make them laugh!

Spooky:  Here is another take on this lesson from Kid's Artists.

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