Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2 Gymnastics Camp Crafts

Bugs on Rocks!

I painted bugs on rocks last spring with the Sm'Arties, and at the time filed away the idea for Gymnastics camp. 

To make the process flow quickly, all the rocks arrived with little faces - eyes and a mouth.  The perfectly round eyes come from a dab of white paint applied with a pencil eraser.  The black eyeballs are dots from the handle end of a skinny paintbrush.  I drew the little mouths, some happy, some squiggly.  Each child picked a rock and got to work.

I only brought about 3 regular and 2 skinny brushes so I could keep control of the groups. 

Our procedure:

- Line up.

- Pick your rock, write your name in Sharpie on the bottom.  Both names, please! - we have 3 Hannahs and 3 Graces.

-  Hold your rock, and get back in line.

- When it is your turn, paint the little half-circles for wings in a solid color. DON"T DECORATE IT YET! 

- Get back in line.  Hold your rock.

- When you get to the front of the line, your rock will be dry enough to paint some decorations - spots, stripes, etc.

- Leave your rock to dry.  Miss K-Sue will spray it with shiny spray later.

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