Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Art Show Inspiration

Last weekend we went to a local Fine Arts Show.  Many real live full-time artists exhibited beautiful works.  At this show, a large children's area is set up with exhibits from school-age children, hands-on art to do right there, and entertainment.  Middle and High School works are judged; Elementary students receive a ribbon as participant.

Earthgirl had a few entries for the art show.  No, she didn't do the Mona Lisa - that was done by another talented local homeschooler. Earthgirl did the other 3 works in this picture. See those batik leaves?

I saw some familiar art - I think some of these school art teachers go to some of my sources for ideas, too.

Oooo...We must draw trees like this.  I cannot say for sure if this is a talking tree or if the hole in the tree just looks like a mouth.  I think it talks.

This cat is way cool.  I think the Sm'Arties will draw a cat like this.  Maybe we can come up with a dog, too. 

I think this giraffe is beautiful and copyable.  I did not pay attention to the medium, but looks like oil pastels.  The leaves are so bright and happy!  See how he is looking down at us while munching his lunch?


  1. We just got out the art portfolio yesterday and the girls spent a bunch of time looking back through their stuff. I am glad we have kept some of it.

    It motivates me to get back to the site and get going on more stuff.

  2. Congratulation for your work with children!Is really nice!
    Is only one thing that I like less:the second photo of the exhibition place, has some pipes near the paintings.From my own poor part, maybe is better to adjust the pipes from that photo to remain only the paintings.
    Good luck in your activity!