Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Warm Hand

Warm hand, project borrowed from Art Projects for Kids.  (See what Oodles of Art did with this idea.)

This week we finished up our Color Wheel handouts,

...traced our own hands on the striped pages PE Mom did during Writing (prep work on the pages really helps move the  process along - we used ovals and L-shapes),


...got out our colored pencils, sorting them into warm colors and cool colors,

...and did art.

Good quality colored pencils are so nice for working.  My favorites at the moment are Crayola Twistables, and I love the Vibrant Variety set.  They are soft and blendable, and no sharpening is needed. (Today we were all using regular wood colored pencils. By the end of this project, the pencil sharperner was in constant demand.) I use Twistables as Highlighters sometimes, they are so smooth and nice. 


  1. Great lesson once again. My boys enjoyed explaining warm and cool colors to their Papa. Then JD went on to ask Joel if he knew who Mondrian was. The kids are learning a ton in your class!!! Kudos!

    BTW, at dinner we decided that a great idea for the homework (2 objects with complimentary colors) would be a green gator with a red bulldog in its mouth. Would that be good? Hee Hee!

  2. SG, that last dig 'bout got your comment rejected.