Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Festival

Who is that Movie Star with Earthgirl?

It's a Sm'Artie in disguise!(her couture dress was much more impressive than the photo communitcates.)

 Science Geek comes as.....HERSELF!  -with Union soldier JD.

Loved the frog.  Gotta get me some of those glasses!
What happens when an Indian Maiden surprises a soldier?
They are a couple of hams.
What is he about to say?


  1. Have you always been this interested in art? I am amazed with what you've been doing with your Smarties. Are you learning too, or did you already know this stuff? I love your pix and comments.

  2. Thanks you, Pat! I am learning along with them, like most Homeschool parents. I have very little formal training (I took a tole painting class with my mom my 15th summer), but I have always enjoyed crafts and wanted to do art. Now I'm doing art all the time!

  3. DIdn't know if you knew that Pat Black is Science Geek's Mama.

    Love your pictures!

    Boy, that movie star sure knows how to pose! She's got some real star quality!!!