Thursday, November 12, 2009

Falling Leaves

 Last weekend the leaves were beautiful in Athens, GA. I brought home red maple, turkey oak, and ginkgo leaves for an autumn art project.

Did you know that "gingko" and "ginkgo" are both considered acceptable English spellings?  I didn't either. 


Tracing leaves on manila drawing paper (like lightweight construction paper).

The children worked with overlapping some leaves. 


After tracing, they would line the leaves and draw veins using my brown scrapbooking pens.  It was difficult to draw spidery veins instead of straight lines.  Next time I would explain that better. 

Coloring with chalk pastels in streaks.It's hard to not color it completely!

 Smudging with fingers to blend colors.

All the pictures are bordered, also with smudged chalk pastels.

All done!  I spray with fixative so the chalk won't all rub off on the way home.

Ginkgo leaves
Maple leaves

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  1. Fun and very timely. They look perfect in a house decorated for fall and longing for Thanksgiving.