Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Art, and Have You Seen Lydia?

Sm'Arties are taking summer break, but arts and crafts are still happening around here, and I plan to post a few projects over the summer just for fun. 

When Earthgirl gets together with friends, they often draw and paint.   But we also sometimes do art projects similar to the ones we do in Sm'Arties class.

 One of her 8 bffs was over yesterday.  The girls got on Art Projects for Kids, and picked out this project to do.

The had fun tracing and Sharpie-ing.  (Don't you think "Sharpie-ing" should be a word?)

You can see in the pictures that the girls have decorated their arms and faces.  You cannot see the vines and flwers running down their legs, but believe me, they were there.   We use watercolor pencils for drawing on skin.  I used to have some facepaint sticks, but what a mess!  Now we just dampen the tip of a watercolor pencil and start drawing.  Of course, this is very temporary paint, but that's a good thing!  

When Earthgirl turned 7, we held a "Fairy Party."  A friend and I decorated 12 little fairy faces.  If only we had known about watercolor pencils then.

Can you believe this is the same little friend?  They are all growing up so fast!

The girls wanted to paint my arm, too.  I had no objection. I sat in a rocking chair with my book and let them at it!  My arm had an eye, two hearts, some Dalmation spots, and a flower.  When they were done, I took a look at myself and realized that I didn't look like I had facepaint decor on my arm - I looked like I was tatooed! 

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