Monday, June 21, 2010

Crafts at Gymnastics Camp - Day 2 - Tie Dye

How have I become the Tie Dye Queen?  I did not set out to be the one who always has wrinkled purple fingers ...

Day 2 each child brought in a white shirt, and we tie-dyed. We used rubber bands and marbles, tied straight horizontal lines, sunbursts, and circles.  (Note for the future:  Some of the under-6 crowd have no idea how to stretch a rubber band around something.  Now I remember - my daughter could not do ponytails herself until she was about 7 years old.  If not for the 3 teenage helpers with this group, we would have taken all day.)

The dying table.  When I tie-dyed with 7 children, we did some multi-color shirts.  With almost 30, we dunked each shirt in 1 color only.  I've used Rit, Dylon, and Tulip fabric dyes.  I think we like Tulip best.  The colors are bright and seem to fade less.  Their Turquoise was a favorite.

It was also water day.  That's good planning.

This is the shirt that nearly ran us out of marbles.  We had to rinse, wring, and undo several shirts so that Groups 3 and 4 could put their shirts together. (See my red face?  We had some record June temps last week.  It was hot, hot hot! )
 We put the shirts under the solar clothes dryer.

I have tie-dyed twice this year with smaller groups.  It is a lot of work to do this with big groups.  The rinsing and wringing seem unending!  My fingers are still cramping.  I think, "No way! Not again!"  And then parents start telling me how this was their child's favorite craft, and I know I'll do it again. 

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