Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inspired to Doodle

During Sm'Arties class time, we often sit on the floor with our 1-cent spiral notebooks (Staples Back-to-School sale), and do some directed-type drawing.  It's fun to see how the different children approach my little directions.  I love this floor time.  One scribbles away happily, says, "I'm done," and shows me a boisterous, messy drawing.  One ignores my instruction, in his own drawing world, then turns around and shows me some variation on my idea.  One gets very concerned if his drawing does not EXACTLY match mine.  (He has lightened up considerably over the last few weeks, and hasn't erased a hole in his paper since before Christmas)

I want the children to know they can take a few directions and play with their pens and pencils.  I want them to enjoy PRACTICING their drawing skills. I'm practicing, too.

This week we did a fun little doodling game.  Sitting in a circle, we each started an animal doodle (I think I said, "Draw some eyes"), and then, after a minute or two, I had them pass their notebook to the left and continue drawing.  It was a barrel of fun, at least at the start.  Now I know what rules we'll use if (probably when) we do this again. Rules like, "no just scribbling on the page," and "no writing 'girls rule'") so that we can all enjoy the whole process.

Take a look at these doodles.  I like the happy music, too.

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