Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Art? Science? YES!

Last week, Science Geek taught our children about Classification, focusing on the Animal Kingdom.  This week, we made lapbooks , taking up Science and Art time. Ooooo...I love cutting up little pieces of colorful paper...


This is our first experience lapbooking as a group, and we are more-or-less novices at it, so we used mostly pre-made printables.   Most of our minibooks came from this free Animal Classification lapbook. Here are a few more lapbooking resources, also here, and shapebooks. Since I had helped with prepping, I was also involved with explaining the how-to's. 

Doing art and science together threw some of the boys off-kilter.  I heard a Science Geek Son asking, "Mom, why is she talking?  This is Science."  
Then another boy answered him, "No, it's not. It's Art."
"No, it's Science."
"No, it's Science and Art."
"You can't have Science and Art."
"Yes, you can."
"No, you can't."

It took all 4 Moms to get across the idea that we were doing Science and Art at the same time.  I think maybe next week I will bring some samples of medical illustration to show how you can do Science and Art at the same time.  Or maybe, for those Star Wars fans (i.e., all the boys), I should just launch into a history lesson on Industrial Light and Magic.  Wait - is that doing Art and History together?


  1. This was fun. I took a poll today when I had 4 of the 5 boys in one room and everyone said they enjoyed lapbooking. Keisuzi's oldest even said it was the funnest thing he'd done all year in mini co-op. I don't know quite how I feel about that one (better than making our own batteries!?! Better than making homemade pizza?!?! Better than making edible metamorphic rocks?!!?) But, I'm just happy they all had fun.

  2. Better than PE? Better than finding a fox (?)skeleton? I think he has a short memory! We will lapbook again!

  3. Actually, I think he meant it was his favorite out of all the ART projects that we've done so far. Of course, he probably wasn't considering that making the homemade pizzas was Art. Or maybe the fact that he makes pizza regularly disqualified that one!? In any case, he loves his lapbook! =) Keisuzi

  4. Love lapbooks. It is one of our favorite ways to learn.