Tuesday, November 15, 2011

50 Trees

In keeping with our Science interest in Botany this year, our art lessons are often inspired by plants.  At this meeting of the Sm'Arties, we drew trees!   

Our trees were not scientific botanical drawings, but fun, stylized, realistic, abstract, themed...just a page full of TREES.
I put out skinny Sharpies and Flair pens. I found it interesting that the 2 girls jumped right in with ink, but all the boys chose to use pencils.  We looked at some printouts of  trees for a little inspiration/copycatting.  Thanks for the inspiration, artists Susan Wolsborn and Eloise Renouf! We love your trees!

She of the 50 cats with creative names also names all her trees: 

It's no surprise that Charlie Brown's tree made an appearance.

Along with a forest of great variety.

...and the next week they brought their assigned homework - draw more trees!

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  1. I love the "normal realistic tree". In particular, I like how the tire swing is partially hidden from view. Very artistic!