Friday, February 11, 2011

Take a close look

The Sm'Arties are preparing to paint with acrylics this month.  I am looking forward to having fun and making a big mess, but first we are preparing our eyes to draw and paint small things big on our papers.  We looked for inspration to some Georgia O'Keefe paintings.

The boys liked that she painted things like cow skulls.

We tried to make the images run off the page.

I really find pencil-and-paper classes to be my favorites.  When the Sm'Arties get an assignment, they settle right down and draw.

This was just a pencil class, but sure, they could color their pictures if they wanted.

A few links regarding Georgia O'Keefe and some of her art:
Georgia O'Keefe bio

PBS intro 

Calla lily on gray

Jack in the Pulpit

Light Iris

Purple Petunias

Summer Days

Deer's skull with pedernal

Cow's Skull with calico roses

Black Cross

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