Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Science on my Art Blog

 A few weeks ago we dissected sheep's brain in science.   Science Geek did not have her camera along, so she is letting me go for the Science posting.

That is actually me in the teacher mode - Earthgirl and I had just dissected the sheep brain during Science Club, another activity offered through our large homeschool group, so I was pretty well up on finding the hippocampus - it's tiny!

This was an extra brain left over from Science Club - offered to SG gratis as a Thank You for judging the high school portion of Science Fair.  I brought it home from Science Club in my lunchbag, and delivered it SG after Sunday School in a little gift bag.  SG and I - we are not the squeamish types.

 I love Science.

Speaking of hippocampus, I found this article interesting - I think I need to go take a walk!


  1. K-Sue: I read that article too! Thanks for helping out with this lesson, the use of your camera, and for posting!

  2. P.B. says:
    I think you missed the point of that linked article; that's for "senior adults." You're still a "sweet young thaing" until further notice.

  3. Ha! PB and I are in that short period of time each year between our birthdays, when he is a year older than I.

  4. Oooo...another dissecting post! (Saw the eye one on your other blog) Looks like fun!!