Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Valentine to Science Geek

At the end of last week's SmArties class, I showed Science Geek these little Dollar Tree erasers.  When I got these, Earthgirl and I decided to NOT use them to carve randomly, but to use the designs to make stamps. I got 2 packs, but think I'll go back and spend another $2.  You can see the heart/flower one on the left?  I carved it out quickly, using just an Exacto knife and a metal pencil end.

 It makes a cute little flower-in-heart handmade-looking stamp.  We may do some of these at Earthgirl's Almost-Annual Girls' Christmas Crafts Party.  Now, look above at the "I heart U" eraser.  I said to SG, "Look how cute these are!  I'm going to carve this one!"  And she said, "Hmmmm...but wouldn't that make a backwards image?"  HA!  After laughing at the children for making backwards images, look what I was about to do!  We kinda held on to each other laughing at ME.

 OK, so THANK YOU, Science Geek!  I transferred the image to the back side

So this is for you, Science Geek:
I heart U, Science Geek. 
Love, K-Sue


  1. Go ahead and carve the backward image. The stamped image would say, "U heart i," kind of like, "You are my biggest fan." ;)

  2. K-Sue and PB, U 2 R 2 CUTE! =)