Thursday, November 18, 2010


This week we had our usual IEW lesson (you go, Keisuzi!).

Then we packed up our picnic lunches and crossed the fence in our backyard to have PE and picnic on the Cross Florida Greenway.

It was lots of fun.  Though the day was pretty overcast, we enjoyed ourselves.

We are playing disc golf.  The "hole" is off camera.

We collected a few treasures.

I didn't take pictures of the collection of animal bones or the collection of shell casings.  Now I know for sure - it's not always firecrackers being set off on the Greenway - sometimes it is target practice. 

We saw several gopher holes.

After lunch, we planned to go back to the house for Science and Art.

But Science time came and went.

And then Art time came and went.

And somehow, Recess never ended.

We tuckered them out!

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  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!

    Thanks for all of the great pictures! I love them all. Keisuzi looks like a frisbee golf pro in all your action shots!

    I think this may have been our most educational co-op meeting yet. The kids were interest-driven and curious. They had lessons in conflict, reconciliation, teamwork, getting along, and grace (remember our uninvited visitors?) They explored nature, used their imaginations, and even got some engineering in. They spent hours outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine and never stopped moving. They'll never forget these friendships. Neither will I. I loved this day!!!!