Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hoyes- inspired Windows

Art Projects for Kids inspired me again, with this colorful lesson based on Bernard Hoyes' art. 

A couple of weeks of practical skills lessons have been fun, but we were ready to get back to our art supplies.  

Introducing the children to the work of various artists has been great fun.  We have been delighted when we encounter work of some of these artists elsewhere.  Just one week after our lesson imitated the work of Piet Mondrian, KEISUZI and sons were AMAZED when the Jeopardy question was, "Who is Piet Mondrian?"  and just a week or two after we imitated Kadinsky, Science Geek and sons spied a Kadinsky print in Target.  ( I understand the boys spied it, and yelped, "Kadinsky! Kadinsky!")  I love homeschooling...

This week we "met" Bernard Hoyes.  I passed around sample print-outs of Mr. Hoyes' work, and we defined "contemporary," since he is a contemporary artist. (I think it took a bit of sinking-in for some of the Sm'Arties to realize that Mr. Hoyes is alive today, and probably painting somewhere.)   I love his bright colors and flowy lines.  

Though we were doing the APFK lesson, I wanted to provide space for both a man and a woman in our project.  (This turned out to be providential, as the IEW lesson for today used "The Princess and the Pea," and our boys were already feeling a bit put-upon.)  We have not used our big paper for awhile, so out it came.  {My stash of 11"x17" paper came from a store closing.  I snagged 2 reams of paper from their office for $3.  At my house, you can always ask, "Can I have a piece of paper?" I am a paper stasher.  I ALWAYS have LOTS of paper.}

I drew the windows ahead of time just to speed up the process.  As it was, all was completed in about 70 minutes. 

It really is hard for them to draw with hands, head, and lower dress/pants touching the edges of the windows.    Once the figures were penciled in, we all traced over them with Sharpies.  I though we'd need Moms' help with the Sharpies, but no!  Sm'Arties love to use K-Sue's Sharpies!  A few bricks added to the walls suggests a whole brick building.  Nice trick, huh?

Lots of oil pastels, crayons, and my one set of Crayola Slick Stix came out.  Guess what they ALL wanted to use?  The Slick Stix!  We love the silky slide, the bold colors.  ( Don't tell anyone, but I plan to use my Michael's weekly coupons whenever I can to build up a stash of Slick Stix for birthday gifts.  With each gift come a warning:  These are not washable!  Be careful!)

Their homework is to draw 2 or more drawings in their Sm'Arties homework books (also created from my big paper), with the big figures touching at least 2 sides of the paper.  I can hardly wait to see what they create.


  1. K-Sue, you are an inspiration. These kids are off to a great start as Cultural Human Beings. The building block of a rounded Education.
    You are to be commended. Keep up the good work. One Love, Bernard Hoyes

  2. Thank you, Mr. Hoyes! What a treat to hear from a real live artist!

  3. WOW!!! How exciting!!!!

  4. The boys' eyes widened when I told them that Bernard Hoyes had commented on your blog.

  5. What a treat, indeed! Very impressive!! And I have to agree with him: You are an inspiration and you are to be commended. We're blessed to have you, K-Sue. =) Keisuzi