Monday, March 8, 2010

Buttoned Up

Last week Science Geek had our children out doing cool science, measuring windspeed and direction.  These 2 pictures  have nothing to do with art, but I thought our girls were cute.

During Sm'Arties, we went more in the crafts-and-skills direction.  We learned a very valuable lesson - how to thread a needle.  We threaded  big plastic yarn needles first.

Having mastered the art of threading a needle, we threaded up a steel needle so we could sew a big button on a piece of flannel.  I bought large-eye needles for the children, but I think they will be useful for me as I progress into presbyopia.

 Whoops!  Speaking of presbyopia, there are my really strong reading glasses, the ones I use threading a needle.
 Good job!

Then I told a little story about one of our boys growing up to become a very cool best man at a wedding.  The groom comes to him distraught because a button has fallen of his shirt.  The very cool best man says, "Give me the shirt, give me the button; I'll take care of it."  In one version, the very cool best man said, "Dude...give me the shirt, give me the button."  

Coincidentally, it just so happened that 7 buttons had fallen off my husband's shirts, just that morning.  Amazing isn't it?  And just a week after he sent me down the well?   Sm'Arties to the rescue!

I am pleased to report that my husband can, once more, button his cuffs.  And all the Sm'Arties can sew on a button. 


  1. It was an awesome lesson in life skills. And you were so clever in your method of teaching the boys to sew.

  2. Update - last weekend, just before a wedding, I sewed a button on a Best Man's tuxedo jacket - just like a good Sm'Artie!