Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who are the Sm'Arties?

Sm'Arties is my name for the Homeschool Art class I teach.  My students are all Sm'Arties!

The girls say we need at least one more girl in our group.

These seven friends, age 7-11,  meet weekly, along with their four moms.  One mom teaches writing (IEW), one mom teaches science, one brave mom leads PE and games, and I teach ART! 

I thought teaching boys would be tough, but these guys are all just great!

I am not an artist.  In fact, I'm a little on the geeky side.  But homeschooling has awakened a certain inner artist, and the library, internet and generous real art teachers with beautiful, fun, creative books and websites have fueled this passion.  I am loving teaching art. I love giving these children the tools to see the world around them with an artist's eye. I love helping them with some skills to make their artwork good.   I want none of them to ever say, "I just can't draw."  I want ME to never say, "I just can't draw."  I want the other moms to say, "You know, we CAN do this." 

  I'm glad no one has posted a picture of me racing against Science Geek while blindfolded. 
I plan to post some of the lessons we are learning, some of the art we do, and many of my sources.  I pray it will be helpful to others.


  1. K-Sue,

    I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!! Thank you so much for setting this up. The kids enjoyed looking at it, and I love the pictures.

  2. Also, I think it's funny (and a little embarrassing) that in both group pictures, one of my sons has his hand in front of someone's face (and never the same son twice!). What camera-hogs! They DO NOT get that from me!

  3. Ha! I had not noticed that, SG. I had one more pic - I'll have to see if they are blocking out friends on that one, too.

  4. Wow, K-Sue -- I love the concept of this blog, and the group you have. I must say, I'm a little green with envy, as I would love to have such a homeschooling group -- homeschooling being ANOTHER thing we have in common :)

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog today:) I very much appreciate your prayers.