Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Carving forth Christmas Cards

Last week: This will be the last stamp-carving class we do as Sm'Arties.  The children have improved in their dexterity as we worked carving erasers for 3 classes.  Of course, their expectations are higher now.

During this class, I limited them to just carving one stamp, though I had some mercy when a stamp was ruined.  I wanted to focus on making a card, showing them how to layer their stamped piece so it is framed on the card front.  So they would not be too frustrated if a stamp was turning out poorly, I told them they could use any of the stamps for their card.  At first, two or three asked, "So I can use your stamp?"  I said yes, anyone's stamp, and each said, "That's what I am going to do, then.  I want to use your stamp."  But when the time came, each Sm'Artie used his/her own stamp. They had so much creativity and heart invested in their work!

Science Geek discovered these little Christmas erasers at Dollar Tree - cute!  We tried carving around some of the shapes. The Christmas trees worked best.

Earlier, just to see how it would work, I carved 2 Santas - one as a positive image, and one as a negative image.  The Santas did not work very well. They looked like scary mountain men, some with blue goggles.

One of my stamp pads has green and red halves.  Once this discovery was made, some bisected red and green snowmen made their appearance.

Look how this tree looks like it is set against a winter night.

Love the simple star.

And "Peace on Earth."
Science Geek got in on the carving, too.

I showed the children how to layer the stamped image with pretty scrapbook or colored cardstock and adhere it to the front of a card.  In one sample, I used a little foil mini-cupcake holder.  I brought some pretty paper and Science Gook contributed a few pieces from her stash.

The children were delighted to see how the framing set off the stamped pictures.

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