Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall colors in Perspective

Perspective - again!  I think these lessons on perspective will yield art projects that the Sm'Arties will be happy to claim. 

Our Sm'Arties lesson this week is inspired by these very pretty acrylics by Catherine Hogarth, a contemporary artist who lives in Canada. I love her use of perspective and her vibrant colors.  I first saw her works on the MoxieFabWorld blog, in a Tuesday Trigger paper craft challenge. When I saw that first picture, I gasped mentally - so pretty!  I would love to have one of her pictures hanging above my fireplace - oh, wait, I don't have a fireplace. 

Sm'Arties remember what "contemporary" means- at least 2 of them do.  We learned about contemporary artists when we did a project inspired by the art of Bernard Hoyes last spring.  I showed the Sm'Arties copies of Ms. Horvath's pictures printed from her website with her permission - Thank you!

The Sm'Arties each chose a picture to copy and went right to work with pencils first.   I had a mix of simpler and more complex pictures.  The Sm'Arties surprised me by ALL picking the complex pictures, assuring that art class would go over time.  Good thing Art is the last class of the day. The pumpkins picture was the favorite.

No shading!  We'll do shading with our
watercolor pencils!

I have several brown pens I use for scrapbooking and in my Ephesian journal.  I love brown pens - instant vintage.  The Sm'Arties used them to outline over their pencil lines.

Time to shade in with watercolor pencils.  We used LOTS of red, orange, gold, pink, and brown, often mixed together.  I encouraged them to color hard, but allowed them to go lightly if they preferred.

The last step is to wash the colors with a wet paintbrush, which makes the colors pop and allows more blending.  Wetting these colors always makes an impact. 

This lesson so nicely reinforces the perspective drawing we have been learning.  For homework, they all took a picture or two home to do using whatever coloring media they choose.  I am looking forward to seeing the results!

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