Saturday, April 10, 2010

Generous Artists and Art Teachers

Anyone who takes even a quick look at this chronicle of our Homeschool art adventures will realize that I am a big fan of the generous artists and art teachers who share their work, their techniques, their lesson plans, and their students' work on websites.  It would be so much more difficult to do what I do without accessing their creativity. 

Sure, I can find books at the library, but this morning during a bout of insomnia, 3:30 a.m. found me gathering information online for our next few lessons.  My library, wonderful though it is, was not open at 3:30, they don't allow me to sit inside with my mug of coffee, and I probably would hesitate to venture there in my pajamas.

On my sidebar, I have a few of those sites listed.  I could add many more - I have some maybe a dozen more listed in my favorites under "HOMESCHOOL:Art."  But I don't want the sidebar to go on and on, flowing all the way down off the screen and onto the floor.  

This morning I am adding a new site to my sidebar.  Kids Artists is new to me.  This art teacher blogs in 2 languages.  I am enjoying these lessons from the Netherlands.  Go check it out!

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  1. Like you, I had trouble sleeping last night. But instead of actually having insomnia, I slept fitfully. My dreams, when I finally dozed off, were...and I'm not kidding, about optics and other activities I have planned for Monday. That's all! I felt like I hardly rested at all- my mind was "ON" all night long. Is this what we get for taking 2 weeks off?