Sunday, December 20, 2009

Earthgirl's Almost Annual Homeschool Girls Christmas Craft Party

Note:  This is not a Sm'Arties class post, but another arts and crafts endeavor.

A visit from possibly the most laid-back poodle ever.

Mitten ornament-painted wood, with cloth "patch" (we love Mod Podge), Sharpie "stitches"

Reindeer ornament, waiting for the backs to dry.  We finished them with red and gold, glitter spray, and sealer. (The summer I was 15, Mama and I took a decorative/Tole painting class.  The instructor advised us to make the backs of projects "finished," too.  It really makes a difference, especially on ornaments, which are liable to spin around with their backside showing.)

Making lunch - pigs in blankets

Painting plaster ornaments (sprayed with glitter, sealer).

Yarn angels

Christmas Freeze Dance
-dancing to Celtic Women-

 General silliness and fun

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